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Silicone grease, taps grease, rubber  grease, elastomers grease, food grade grease, seals grease, dielectric grease, o ring lubrication, glass lubrication

100% silicone grease, for the maintenance of elastomer seals, suitable for food-contact, suitable for contact with drinking water, isolating, counteracts water hardening. very low temperature. silicon grease suitable for food contact, food-grade grease, tap grease, plumbing grease, grease for drinking water, isolating grease, low temperature grease, grease for seals, technical grease, industrial grease, silicon grease tube. silicon diving grease. silicon waterproof tank grease. silicon light seal grease. technical grease suppliers. industrial grease suppliers. industrial lubricant suppliers. technical grease manufacturers. industrial grease manufacturers. industrial lubricant manufacturers Silicone grease. Silicone elastomer grease. Silicone rubber grease. Silicone grease manufacturer. Silicone grease suppliers. Silicone grease spray. Silicone grease aerosol.



food grade contact NSF H1

approved for contact with drinking water

Specially designed for valves

joints, elastomers, rubbers

very low temperatures


Dielectric insulation

Meets the specifications NATO S 736 - MIL.S.8660 B



Manufacturing, lubrification, cleansing, protection,
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